VTALK is the revolutionary internet telephony’s provider with a mission to connect people in poles apart giving an enhanced, flexible, swift and cost effective liberation, it provides user friendly milieu to communicate by delivering greater voice quality to residential and business customers. we continue to adopt the newest technological which advances in the transmission of voice communications and thus we offer low cost without sacrificing voice quality for both residential and business customers.


Mobile Application is the easiest way to make high-quality (low cost) International calls over Wifi, 3G/4G or Call Back. It will help you to slash your mobile phone bills and allow you to make direct calls from your phone book. You do not have to remember long phone numbers and PINs anymore. Enjoy other advanced features like, three party conference, Assign Singapore virtual number for Global Roaming with Free incoming calls. Available for Android & IPhone.


You can make IDD calls without dialing an access number and long pin number. Simply connect SIP phone adaptor to your high speed internet modem / switch/ router and plug your phone set to SIP adaptor. Just pick up your phone and dial your desired destination number. Business owners can also connect with their existing PABX system for multi line calling.
We also support SIP Trunks for major IP PABX vendors.


0.03 $
0.055 $
Bangladesh Budget All
0.035 $
0.06 $
0.04 $
0.15 $
Hong Kong
0.07 $
0.04 $
India Budget All
0.025 $
0.18 $
0.04 $
0.58 $
Myanmar Budget All
0.17 $
New Zealand
0.1 $
0.1 $
Pakistan Budget All
0.055 $
0.24 $
Saudi Arabia
0.28 $
0.022 $
Sri Lanka
0.29 $
0.06 $
0.06 $
United Arab Emirates
0.33 $
United Kingdom
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Direct Access works similar as calling cards. This plan is designed for users who don’t have Internet broadband access, Mobile SMART Phones and wants to make International (low cost) calls directly from their Landline or Cell Phones.


VTALK offers business class SIP trunking solution for IP PBX systems. It operate on your own broadband Internet connection and you can make IDD calls using your own PBX via our SIP trunk to minimize IDD cost. Instant provision and add number of channels according to your needs.

Virtual (Local) Numbers

Our Virtual Number service is a revolutionary service which gives you the ability to add local phone numbers. This opens a world of opportunities as now you can make and receive calls on local phone numbers from over 50 countries. You are no longer tied to your "local area code". You can choose from our list of available countries. This means even if you live in Singapore, you can have a local area code number of china or any other countries available.

Cloud PBX

Complete Internet Enabled Telephone Exchange, hosted on our high speed Internet network. It allows enterprises to have a virtual PBX system at their disposal without the hassles of trying to maintain their own systems in-house. Since the system runs over the internet you can have your phones scattered across the globe and seamlessly integrate them under a single system. Hosted IP-PBX is pre-enabled with, Voice Mail & Call Forwarding features. You do not have to get telephone lines anymore. We provides you both incoming and outgoing phone services at exceptionally low rates. Use any SIP/IP Phone hardware from major vendor, or use our Mobile App to make/ receive IDD calls.