Travel the World with just ONE SIM Card

Our Global Roaming solution offers travellers the easiest, most complete and cost effective solution allowing them to increase productivity by removing the stress of staying connected.

Easy – we offer our award winning 3 in 1 travel SIM card sticker that attaches to your existing carrier SIM card, available in (standard, micro or nano).

Complete – we cover incoming calls, outgoing calls and data services across 200 countries.

Cost effective – we have the most competitive voice and data rates in the market. Significantly reduce international roaming charges with free incoming calls, reduced call and data rates plan. Save up to 85% on standard charges.

VROAM Solution Overview

VROAM solution starts with an overlay chip.

  • Peel back the cellophane to dotted line. Place the SIM card in the aligned slot and remove the protective layer from overlay SIM.
  • Stick the overlay SIM onto your SIM and rub firmly into place.
  • Put your SIM back into your phone and you are ready to go.