VBANK solution provides banks and financial institutions an independent secure element to deploy mobile banking services in a simple and reliable way and overcome the challenges in providing Reliable, Trustworthy, Accessible, Affordable Mobile Financial Solution.

It is an innovative and secure Overlay SIM based Mobile banking solution which allows complex banking transactions on any mobile devices without using Smart phones or Internet access. It takes banking to next level and makes possible for every person across the country to use banking service without USING of SMART phones and Internet connectivity. It works on Secure Short Messaging Service (SSMS) on any featured phones to carry out banking activities, such as Fund transfers, Balance enquiry, bill payment, loyalty programs, FX exchange etc.

Financial institutions can issue their mobile banking solution independent of the Mobile network operator and offer highly customise and secure services to their end users.

VBANK Solution Overview

VBANK solution starts with an overlay chip.
All banking services are programmed into the overlay chip e.g. Bank’s ATM and Internet Banking services.

  • Customer comes to the bank and gives his/her SIM to the bank officer.
  • Bank officer sticks overlay chip onto customer’s SIM.
  • Customer inserts SIM (with overlay chip) into phone; and switches on the phone and uses the mobile banking service.