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What we Offer

Global Roaming

An excellent service that allows you to forward and receive any calls to any place in the world anytime of the day without any ROAMING charges and without having any Internet connection.


IP Phone

You can make IDD calls without dialing an access number and long pin number. Simply connect SIP phone adaptor to your high speed internet modem / switch/ router and plug your phone set to SIP adaptor. Just pick up your phone and dial your desired destination number.


Mobile App

Mobile Application is the easiest way to make high-quality (low cost) International calls over Wifi, 3G/4G or Call Back.


Dial Access

Dial Access is suitable for Tourist, Foreign students, or Individuals who have tight control over their IDD spendings. We offer extremely competitive rates and there are no connection or any hidden charges. All taxes and fees are already included in our rates.